The Hill Family

July 27th, 2022

Planning a maternity session with a Mama who's also a photographer was so much fun. One thing you either know or will get to know about me is that I love working with other creatives. I thrive on the collective creativity and freedom.

Since this is my first blog post on my website, I figured I'd share a little bit more about what to expect when planning a session with me. I will walk you through this featured session and give more details into the planning behind it all!


Creating Together

For this session, this mama and I were able to chat back and forth about the vibe that we both had envisioned. Since JaNett is also a photographer she literally 'understood the assignment' and went all in on the details.

So maybe you're wondering... Ok, I want to book a session but i'm overwhelmed by planning.

The first couple of things we go over when discussing your own unique session is:

1.) What kind of session are wanting? Indoor, Outdoor, City, Water, Field, Flowers (if in season) etc.

2.) Time of Day

3.) Who will be in your session

4.) Outfits

5.) Any other important details I should know

As usual, I started out by creating my own inspiration board by pulling images based on what JaNett wanted and fun prompts for the kiddos.

Next is the number one stressor for anyone preparing for a session... what to wear!?

Well, this is where JaNett really shined. She read through my outfit guide that I send after booking and she put together outfits and then sent me this beautifully curated collage of outfits she found for each family member of hers. As you can see in the image below, this is what she sent me. Now, please hear me when I say *you do not have to do this*.


BUT if you're a visual person, sometimes this helps! These are the actual outfits that Janett and her family wore. The little girls wore some of mama's jewelry which I also just loved because it really helped add to the details.

Also, I now have some serious #GOALS after seeing those two girlies and all their accessories.

Let's be honest...

The day of scaries. It's real. but I promise you, I try my very best to make it fun and enjoyable for even the most awkward, or camera shy people.

I am a pretty easy going person most of the time. Usually when I work, I am direct, and yet hyping you up and making you laugh all at the same time.

During your session, I always start by asking what you've been looking forward to most. I talk with you and whoever you may bring in order to make anyone feel more comfortable.

Mom + Dad